Things I’m Too Old For at 29


  1. Late evenings of beer and dancing in wedged heels
  2. Eating McDonald’s or any kind of fast food
  3. Not reading or watching the news
  4. Wearing uncomfortable clothing
  5. Avoiding uncomfortable conversations
  6. Finishing a book that bores me
  7. Keeping quiet when bigots, racists or idiots share their opinions
  8. Staying in one-sided relationships
  9. Stopping my car-dancing because people can see me
  10. Not writing for my blog. (my bad)

PoMoSco: How Poetry Found Me


I don’t know when I let poetry slip away from me. Or rather, I let myself slip away from poetry, but like most things that are at our cores, poetry was not done with me. I signed up as  a PoMoSco — best explained by the folks who started it.

PoMoSco — short for Poetry Month Scouts — is the Found Poetry Review’s 2015 National Poetry Month project. This April, 213 poets representing 43 states and 12 countries are joining together as a troop to earn digital merit badges for completing experimental and found poetry prompts.

If you’d like to follow my month-long journey in found poetry, just follow your nose.