Thanksgiving Protocol?

I’m going to Idaho for Thanksgiving to spend the holiday with my boyfriend’s mother. We’ve never met. I’d love to tell you that I’m cool, calm, and collected about it, but that would be a very big lie. TJ tells me I have nothing to worry about, but this is the same person who said we should bring blankets and pillows for the trip. It’s a six hour trip. He says we should be prepared for the weather. Okay.

We also disagree on what foods should be present at Thanksgiving and about who should cook. I know that my family is a little different in that we never had a ham for Thanksgiving or Christmas, but I hadn’t realized until I spent the day with other family, and with friends, how Thanksgiving is done differently: From state to state, from region to region and across racial and ethnic lines. I’ve been to potlucks where the hosts provided the turkey. I’ve been to family dinners where only the mother was allowed in the kitchen and I’ve been to dinners where it was all hands on deck.

And what about those side dishes. Is baked macaroni and cheese a black thing or a Southern thing? Is your stuffing homemade or boxed? Does anyone ever use that cranberry sauce shaped like the can it came out of? Does your family say a prayer or does each person say something he/she is thankful for? And what about alcohol? Is it a wine kind of holiday or a cocktail holiday?

I’m getting worked up at all the possibilities!

Deep Cleaning

Things got a little heavy this morning while I was on my hands and knees in the bathroom. I was finally taking the time to scrub the bottom of our tiny shower, an easy task that I’d put off for weeks, because it always became a bit of a production.

First, I’d have to scrub the excess grime with a dryer sheet, a trick I learned from Pinterest. It’d been so long, I needed two to really do the job. So there I was minding my own business, going at this mucky floor and feeling pretty damned satisfied with myself for being up AND cleaning on a Saturday morning before nine when out of no where I started having these really dark thoughts.

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