Eating Free Lunch

Seemingly a perk is the free room given to TJ on his current renovation of a Motel 6. We “lucked out” when the electrician he shared a room with left for a family emergency, leaving the space to just the two of us (after Jumaane left for the east coast). Having dealt with my share of almost evictions during graduate school, I haven’t taken a roof over my head for granted since. But a free lunch (or room in this instance), as we all know, is never free. And while living in a motel room does have some unique advantages, it also has some fundamental drawbacks.

Privacy — One morning, when I first arrived in Ventura, but after my brother was gone, I was lingering in bed with a book and cup of coffee. My intention to get up kept falling to the wayside with each page, when I heard the door opening. I thought it was TJ,and gave no thought to my state of undress, which was mostly covered by a blanket. In fact, it was not TJ, but another man on the crew who was looking for a tool that TJ had in our room. We made eye contact, not sure what to say,

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