Coming Soon: Summer Movies

I can’t be the only one jazzed about the summer. And not because of the weather, or how it brings people outside or how much more acceptable it is to drink in public. I’m ready for the movies: the good, the bad, and the ridiculous.

                      Age of Ultron


Someone once said to me “All those Avengers/Thor/Captain America movies are exactly the same.” To which I replied: “So?” Because if a formula works (and the numbers don’t lie) then why change it. All I want from a good summer movie is distraction, a plot I can’t quite see through without thinking too hard and possibly some explosions. Also, Chris Evans. Possibly shirtless.

Pitch Perfect 2


Friends told me to see Pitch Perfect for months before I finally did. The premise just seemed like a movie that couldn’t be good, but wow, I am happy to say I was wrong. When a college freshman is convinced to join an all-female acapella group hilarity and amazing singing ensues.  Now, I can’t wait to support the second movie with a cast of mostly women, who are smart and funny. And you know what — I don’t need explosions for this one.

Mad Max: Fury Road


Where the Avengers’ star power can often overshadow the plot or character development, this movie with heavy-hitters Charlize Theron, and grown-up child actor Nicholas Hoult, looks like it’s going to be a heart-thumping roller-coaster. I’ve been forced to see the original with Mel Gibson and I understand why it’s a cult classic. I’ll be interested to hear how people feel that the new version compares to the old.

Honorable mention goes to the adaption of John Green’s Paper Towns, another book adaptation, this one by JoJo Moyes’ called Me Before You and lastly by another baby of the Marvel giant — Fantastic Four


One thought on “Coming Soon: Summer Movies

  1. I love your philosophy behind a good summer movie. For me, though, I would add a [relatively] happy ending to the list of requirements. I want to finish the movie feeling on top of the world like everything is right as rain. I watched “The Way We Were” on a snow day recently. Incredibly stupid idea. Spent the afternoon in utter heartbreak, alternating between sobbing and ogling at the attractiveness of young Barbara Streisand and Robert Redford. I can definitely appreciate the bittersweetness of some movies and the complex plot lines of others, but sometimes you just want to feel good.

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