See Ya, 2014: Another List

I heard someone say that lists were annoying, like those end-of-year lists or the ones that comprise a lot of Buzzfeed. But hasn’t this been the year of Buzzfeed? So, a few someones must enjoy a good countdown. And as much as lists require ten times less attention than a well-written essay, they are so wonderfully tidy. So I made one, too, for this blog, because I can. Here’s my top 5 favorite post thus far. Happy New Year and thanks so much for reading.

5. Prince & Patrice Do Hollywood — Once my brother and I reached California, we took a side trip to LA for the day. With no plan, we wandered into one of the funniest days of my life. 

4. A Case FOR Facebook — This post from my brother is exactly like him, funny and compelling.

3. Up, Up & Away — A nice reminder about choosing one’s attitude, and includes a great picture of a man & his kite.

2. Letting the Dream Die — I heard a lot of positive (and much appreciated) feedback from friends on this little diddy about post-MFA life.

1. My Boyfriend is My Roommate is My Boyfriend — Easily one of my favorite pieces I’ve ever written, and the post with the most views on the blog, which makes me think I’m not alone.


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