Up in the Air

I’ve been trying to write an end of year post, something reflective and redemptive and hopeful. I recently quit my job, did I say? Well, I did. I was selling insurance. But that’s done now. I’ve been at home a lot, which has been a real issue for TJ and I, because money. With all this time on my hands, and December on a crash course, I’ve been consumed with being better prepared for 2015. Problem is so much of life is currently up in the air. I wanted to write you all and say how this year has been full of change and transition and how it’s all been wonderful. And some of it was wonderful, but I’m having a hard time being positive while sitting at the public library using the free wifi. I need to decide whether to cut my hair off or to get it chemically relaxed again like I have for most of my life. I need to decide a career path and stick with it. I need to decide if there’s a book inside me and if I have the strength to give it life. I need to fully commit to the relationship I’m in, full stop. I guess these are new year’s resolutions. I hate new year’s resolutions.


One thought on “Up in the Air

  1. While this post may not have the tone you were originally hoping for, I think it is very reflective, redemptive, and hopeful. And there’s always “fake it til you make it.”

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