Idle Hands — Indeed

Remember this guy?

Do you remember Devon Sawa? Of Final Destination and Idle Hands fame? Or even younger, as the boy ghost, Casper? I was thinking about him last night. Not that way. Maybe a little. But mostly I was remembering how much he used to mean to me. I thought he’d slipped completely into obscurity like Josh Harnett (another teen crush of mine), but no! According to IMDB, both of them are still acting, but I hadn’t heard of any of the shows or movies listed. It got me thinking about what makes a lasting teen star or any star? Who are we still watching years after we put their pictures on our bedroom walls? Who is still making our hearts race with spreading crows feet in the corners of their eyes? A good example is Leonardo DiCaprio, though I’m one of those people who has never seen What’s Eating Gilbert Grape? — yeah, yeah, calm down. But Leo is obviously talented, despite the Oscar snubs. I mean I love love love him in Inception and hate him in equal measure in Django Unchained. Not many people can pull that off. So talent is a factor, but what else?


One thought on “Idle Hands — Indeed

  1. It’s like you’re in my head. Over the last few weeks I’ve had the urge to watch old Leonardo DiCaprio movies. Particularly, The Man in the Iron Mask. You get a 2 for one deal with that one 😉

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