Time to Take a Breath

I am the type of person that can sometimes put great pressure on himself. My job at LAL ended about two days ago, and I miss the experience tremendously. I met some fantastic people, and the Fordham University campus was so very beautiful to wake up to; however, like all things in life, my job has come to an end.

After sitting at my grandparent’s house for just a day, I have already grown restless. After having done SOMETHING every day for the past month, to be sitting on my ass for even one day does not seem right. Yesterday, I let the restlessness get to me while looking on job search websites and applying to the ones that I found to suit me. Today, though, I took some time to think, and here is what hit me.

Taken at Fordham University
Taken at Fordham University

1. I have two people in my life who are willing to let me stay with them until I find a job for myself. Although they can drive me crazy sometimes, at the end of the day, my grandparents are there for me.

2. I do have a clear plan for myself, though it will take some time to make it happen. I can’t let the time, the restlessness, suffocate me.

I like to always be doing something, to be on the move. After graduating, I was at my house for a month before traveling to California with Monet, and then just two weeks with my grandparents before my job at LAL. Here’s hoping that I can find something fast, but in the mean time, I can take some time to breathe, and realize that I am not lazy just because I don’t have anything at the present moment.


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