Halfway Home


1. I basically threw a tantrum and demanded that we take a route through San Francisco instead of around it.

2. Due to traffic, we drove through at a moderate 35mph, right through the city to get to the Golden Gate Bridge.

3. Do I get to say that I’ve been to San Francisco or is this the same as being in the airport in Chicago because of a layover?

4. TJ and I drove our separate vehicles, and it made for a weird kind of communication of head nods and finger motions.

5. I kinda got in strange headspace. Started thinking about where I’ve been, things I’m proud of and things I’m ashamed of. I started thinking about my family and old relationships. I thought about who I want to be.

6. I had a very delicious glass of Chardonnay in Mendocino county. The hills were yellow, and lined with vines.

7. California gave us a real showing as we left along the coast — high 90s in the Inland Empire & 70s at the coast. If gas wasn’t an average of $4 ($4.59 in San Fran!!) and the price of living so high, I’d be reconsidering our move.

8. Tomorrow, 8-9 more hours and we’re staying at a place we found on Air Bnb. Should be interesting.

Miles driven: 500
Current location: Willits, California
Current Mood: I’m so excited I’m going to stare at the ceiling — Unless we have sex, then I will pass out.


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