Why Portland?

Because the last time I was there my car was towed, and I’m not bitter

Because Mt. Hood

Because I love  another river city

Because the largest independent book store, Powell’s Books, would be my second home

Because I want to see how hipsters look as they age

Because I’ve hugged one of the bronze legs of President Lincoln

Because I’m a borderline hippy, definitely liberal.

Because I don’t think many people there will judge me for my dream wedding set on a lake in canoes

Because I’m comfortable on the east coast, and when I’m comfortable I am lazy

Because hills

Because TJ said, “Anywhere you go, I go.”

Because I’ll add .01% diversity

Because there are more strip clubs there per capita than anywhere else in the country, and I’ve never been to strip club.

Because I don’t want to take sunshine for granted

Because at a bar called The Bitter End, my friend, Jenny, and I fell in love with a mean bartender, Alexa who made us popcorn after we got a little drunk

Because I am a 28 year-old woman without children and I do what I want

Because the Pacific NorthWest

Because craft beer

Because I own two raincoats and my favorite pair of shoes I’ve ever owned was a pair of polka dot rain boots.

Because Seattle is beautiful but expensive

Because when I looked into Portlandia’s eyes and she told me to come home


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