My Next Step

I have been out of California now for almost two weeks, and the feeling is somewhat bittersweet. I think it could be more for the lifestyle, however, than the location. Who doesn’t want to wake up to beautiful sunlight before a morning run and a little sightseeing? While I loved California and do miss my sister, I am well aware that I need to be thinking about my next move.

Enter New York City. I have accepted a month-long engagement with a language school to begin next week. The feeling? Excited, but also nervous as well. I’ll be working with foreign students who are trying to learn English, and it will be a live-on arrangement at a University. I really like working with younger people, but I also think of how I was as a teenager: not bad, but talkative, which was not conducive to a learning environment. I’ve been thinking about the disciplining aspect of it, and what my style will be.

I won’t actually be teaching; my role is more like your average college Resident Advisor. I have some experience with this, having been involved in Housing and Residence Life when I was in undergrad. This role, however, is a little bit different, because from what I can tell, I will be one of the primary people in the hall. This idea makes me just a little bit nervous.

Despite my small worries, I know that this is something I can both excel at and enjoy. In my last year of college, I developed an interest in English as a Second Language, but wanted to have some experience with it before taking that next step to committing a part of my life to it. When I saw the job listing online for what I will be doing in New York, I felt the position would be a fantastic next step. In my life, as in many others, I’ve seen that the things I was most concerned about doing ended up being some of my most life-changing experiences.

Going to a club I was unfamiliar with. Trying the whole online dating thing. Taking a trip to California with my sister. While these all may be your textbook definition of straight edge, they still all had some effect on me. Let’s see if I can do the same for someone else.


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