I don’t think driving through a state is necessarily enough to know if you want to live there, but New Mexico is quite lovely, at least from what I’ve seen. The mountains are spectacular, and I’ve always been a fan of some sunshine. New Mexico has quite a lot of both. Today, we made our way from Arkansas to Alburquerque. I went through three states that I’ve never been in before, but New Mexico has been my favorite in terms of scenery so far.

Green fields for days. Huge domes, buttes, valleys, and other nature terms I may not be using correctly. Basically, New Mexico is fantastic.

Driving through, I became interested to know the history of the land, not just from the perspective of The United States or Mexico or politics, but just the general history. Who lived on these plains before, and called them home? What are some of the animals who made this space their own? What did this place look like 300, 500, maybe 700 years ago?  The future doesn’t intrigue me so much as the past. I became so interested to know this land from its own point of view, and I think that is a good thing. If you’re looking for an escape from what may be familiar to you, look no further than New Mexico.

And avoid Little Anita’s restaurant at all cost once you get here.


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