Day 1: Things to Unpack Later

  1. When traveling any distance longer than an hour and outside one’s comfort zone, finding a road companion is very comforting. For me, it was a green Jeep sporting Maryland plates with a driver unconcerned with limiting his speed. We traveled for almost three hours together, and I was sad to see him go, presumably for gas, and not to get away from the Dodge Caliber tailing him.
  2. It drizzled through much of TN, really highlighting the smoke of the Great Smoky Mountains. My mom asked me if I would drive through any mountains and I’d said no.  I was wrong. We went up and we went down, but it was nothing like Montana and Idaho.
  3. It actually rained in a way that felt apocalyptic when we finally reached Memphis.
  4. Speaking of TN, we spent almost 600 miles of our 730 mile drive in TN. When you are tired of being in TN, you are still in TN, and when you think you will not make it to Arkansas, you’ve probably just passed Knoxville — halfway.
  5. My brother sleeps with his mouth wide open but makes no sound.
  6. It was very satisfying to have a reason to wear my new raincoat.
  7. If at least one strange thing doesn’t happen at Waffle House, you didn’t go to Waffle House.


Day 1

Departed Harrisburg, NC at 8:20am EST

Arrived in Maumelle, Arkansas at 8:15 pm Central

Miles: 730

Stops: 3

Current mood: Where is the ice for my screwdriver?


2 thoughts on “Day 1: Things to Unpack Later

  1. I have had the exact same reaction with my raincoat! 🙂 Other than TN never ending, it sounds like you’re off to a good start! Love your mood 🙂

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