On the Morrow

Tomorrow, Monet, Cali, and I leave for the West Coast. I’m still just excited as before, though I do have my concerns. Will my sister and I become sick of one another, to the point where I am left wandering the highway(s)? Will I continue on my yearlong quest to not eat fast food, the one I’m more than half way through? Most of all, where will I go if I have to poop before our destinations? Through all the questions in my mind, one thing is certain. Tomorrow/today, we leave for sure.

The place I am looking forward to the most is Los Angeles. I’m familiar with the East Coast’s big city, having grown up living ten minutes from New York. Through my travels from New York to North Carolina, and back numerous times for family trips, I’ve heard so much about Los Angeles. It has sounded to me like the West Coast’s equivalent, at least in terms of notoriety. Don’t shoot me if this couldn’t be further from the truth; this is why we take trips, no? To see places with our own eyes/ears/feelings, whatever one uses to gain a sense of the world around them. I’ll have more than my share of these new sights as we travel across this country.


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